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In today’s world, a company’s website is the face of business. New market trends are constantly changing the process of web development and offer developers more dynamic and practical means of creating websites. And businesses, in turn, get a more user-friendly tool for achieving business goals. In order for the company’s website to provide high conversion, work quickly and display correctly on various devices, the latest web development technologies must be used in the development.

What are the main trends in web development in 2021?

1. Progressive web application development

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a new, more convenient and easy application format. PWAs work as native mobile applications, but are actually websites. However, according to research, PWAs have a 36% higher conversion rate than native applications.
When using PWA, there are several key benefits:

  • applications are downloaded instantly;
  • take up less memory;
  • they do not need to be updated and downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store;
  • work on any device (even on obsolete PCs).

As the number of mobile users increases daily, this trend will continue to grow.

2. Interactive design

It is necessary to take into account the modern properties of CSS, which in general allow to implement animations such as parallax and different nature of animation. The animation effect in the interface attracts users with its “liveliness” and helps to focus on important elements of the site. Animation provides a great user experience that improves customer interaction with websites and applications.
Also, back in 2020, dark interface themes were in high demand in mobile applications, and now websites are also adopting a dark style design. This not only reduces excessive eye strain, but also saves battery life.

3. One-page landings

Recent web development trends have shifted from creating multi-page sites to sites that provide all the necessary information on a single page.

This site format is most often used for short-term marketing tasks, such as activations, temporary promotions, etc. This approach allows you to quickly develop a promo page and collect leads from a paid performance campaign. A one-page site creates a better user interface because everything that matters is on one page.

As more and more users use a mobile phone to browse websites, one-page websites are extremely popular.
They also significantly minimize page load and make it faster, which reduces bounce rates. Moreover, this product has a more attractive development cost.

4. Framework React Native

React Native – a framework for developing cross-platform applications. Creator of React Native – Facebook. Facebook is actively developing React and React Native, creating a whole infrastructure and a powerful IT community around them.
The main purpose of this technology is to provide developers with a tool to create applications that will run on multiple operating systems simultaneously. The market has developed so that the efficiency and quality of the product must be combined with the attractive price of its development, and the product itself must solve the user’s problems. This is exactly what React Native is. React Native allows you to write applications for iOS, Android and even VR (on React VR you can create applications for helmets and virtual reality goggles “).

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