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New While Web Production

08.10.2019 whileweb

It isn’t a secret that in the modern digital world, the company’s website is its face. That’s why we are convinced that businesses need to work constantly to improve not only the business processes but also the experience of interaction between users and their sites.

For the last two years, we’ve been working hard on ourselves.  We’ve pumped up our competences, expanded our team and services, and now we are ready to offer you not only the technical implementation of projects. But also the full development of the site, which solves the problems of your business. As a consequence, we have updated our site, eliminating the shortcomings of the previous version and making it more convenient and informative.

Here are some new features on our website. We’ve added the ability to find the information you need with the tags. This feature shortens the time of searching the information significantly and allows you easily to categorize cases. 

Quality design plays a great role in the success of the site, so we have upgraded the design making it more laconic and easy.  

As the share of mobile users is constantly growing, we paid special attention to the adaptive version of the website, adding several bright elements. Both desktop and adaptive versions are designed in the company’s corporate colors and have become more enjoyable, softer and readable.

We’ve added some space so you can concentrate on the most important things. This solution helped us to optimize usability, making it clearer, simpler and more opposite.

 We have already added a section with useful information – Blog. In this section, we will collect current tendencies and trends in the field of website development, web design, and our company’s news. Blog articles can be shared on social media and other platforms.

Despite the upgrade of the site’s functionality, we have optimized it to save maximal performance and speed. 

As we work with European clients closely, we need to comply with European legislation in the field of personal data.  Therefore, the new website is fully compliant with GDPR requirements.

Іn the end, we added our latest cases to our portfolio. We always work for the best result, that’s why the portfolio is what we are proud of. You can go to the contact form and “order” a similar solution for your business right from your favorite case page.

One of our values is constant self-improvement. Every day we try to do more and more awesome projects, learn and develop the society in which we live. We hope that we will have even more opportunities for this, and our clients will join us in this mission.