Knigolove is a Ukrainian publishing house that specializes in the publication of children’s literature, fiction, popular science, as well as non-fiction literature. The publishing house makes translations of world bestsellers and works with a number of well-known Ukrainian authors. Since the beginning of the publishing house’s work, his books have been at the top of the ratings and become hits on the Ukrainian market. The knigolove team believes that really cool things can be done in our country, and “Made in Ukraine” is the standard of quality.

The Tasks

  1. Upgrade the current version of the site
  2. Add new sections
  3. Facilitate client interaction with site services
  4. Carry out general search engine optimization work

What we have done

  • Updated site design
  • Added product filtering to increase the efficiency of searching for products in the catalog
  • Developed a discounts and coupons functionality
  • Implemented the ability to purchase on the site
  • Developed a system of reviews and ratings
  • Added the ability to pre-order a product
  • Added E-books section
  • Carried out work on SEO optimization


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