Herbal Brands™️ – is the United States holding company that produces natural products, including Herbal Clean®️ production.

Task: create a beautiful, fast, convenient website where Herbal Clean customers can easily find the product they are interested in, as well as the nearest stores where they can buy it.


  1. CMS systems are functionally limited and work slowly
  2. It’s hard to speed up a heavy desktop layout on mobile devices


  1. Use a framework for greater flexibility in development
  2. Use separate interfaces for desktop and mobile devices

What we have done

  • Made up two separate templates: desktop and mobile. This allowed us to optimize the site on all types of devices
  • Added a location detection so that the buyer can easily find the nearest store
  • Made a products filter, discounts and coupons functionality
  • Developed and implemented the buyer's personal cabinet
  • Implemented a newsletter subscription and feedback form
  • Connected payment and delivery services

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